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The Adventures Of Typewriter Troubadour (2020)

An aspiring writer hits the road to redefine the American Dream, and shake up the story of their life. Traveling town to town with typewriter in tow, they create custom poems for curious pedestrians discovering poetry has the power to save lives... including their own. 

Just Call Me Joe (2020)

After embarking on a cross-country road trip, it is time for Em to take on the next adventure: transitioning from female to male during the dawn of the Trump era. Just Call Me Joe is a brave and touching story about the journey towards self-realization, claiming personal authenticity against the odds, and the embracing the power of unconditional love.

Storybook Girlfriend (2019)

After searching for love at a Portland dance club, newly divorced Em meets an enchanting woman named Miss, a free-spirited dancer and forest fire-fighter about to relocate to be with her primary partner. The two women fall headfirst into a passionate short-lived affair, inviting us into the erotic and psychologically potent world of infatuation, polyamory and a kismet connection that will inspire and change them, yet ultimately break their worlds apart.

Angels Of The Underground (2018)

With humor, grit and ease, this traveling typewriter poet notices—and sees value in—the neglected subjects of New York City, taking notes in poems creating unflinching portraits of disenfranchisement, queerness, addiction, lost love, and modern alienation. These are rich, raw, tender poems from an explorer navigating new frontiers of gender identity, sexuality, and human relationship.

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